BBQ Beef Pockets

Awhile back I had pinned this link for a blogger’s Top 12 favorite meals of her husband. I finally got around to looking at it (you know I have SUCH a busy schedule) and the first thing I knew I had to make were these BBQ Beef Pockets.

They have four ingredients. Four. Though you do have to use your oven and stove, but the limited ingredient list and your husband/father in law thinking you are genius cook makes it worth a try.

I happened to have a leftover roll of crescents (thanks Tracey!) so I flattened out those and used them as the pockets vs. the pie crust mentioned in the recipe. For the last batch I sprinkled the tops with more cheese and that looked even more fancy.

In all honesty, I didn’t like them. But I really don’t like BBQ sauce or anything covered in it – like ground beef. But all males in my house loved them and I would make them again for them. They would be a perfect dinner for when I am not here.

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