Halloween Roundup

This year I was determined to be on top of things for Halloween. We all know I start with the best of intentions and then slowly fade off. Not this year, people! We were going to do a craft every day! Visit the pumpkin patch! Sing Halloween carols! Just kidding on the last part. Sort of.

Well, I can’t say we did a craft every day (seriously, what was I thinking?). But we did make place mats with stickers, that I then had Office Max laminate for me. I will let you guess which one belongs to the two year old.

Zach says James’ looks like the wind blew all the letters and pumpkins around. He might be a genius.

For James’ snack day I brought oranges with the pumpkin faces drawn on.

Another teacher said, “Oh, you did the oranges-as-pumpkins-thing.” Stupid Pinterest; now that everyone is on it, nothing seems original. Not that this was remotely MY idea to begin with.

And we did hit two pumpkin patches. The first one was at a Methodist church on the way to swim lessons. There is a patch closer to us but this one seemed to need our business more. And it was full of pumpkins.

Then we went to the Oil Ranch with our friends Nadine and Tim and their kids Danny, Parker and Elyse. We had originally planned to go to Dewberry farms, but it was rained out. And Nadine said the Oil Ranch is just a bigger Dewberry farms. And it is huge! And soooooooo far. But Alex and I need friends to make us do stuff like this. We would never leave the loop otherwise.

The boys both rode a pony in a circle and petted a cow named Daisy.

While Alex and Zach shot paintball guns, James and I rode the train that went into a small field filled with cows that came pretty close the train. 

Don’t worry, James was not impressed.

The boys had so much fun with their friends. Can you tell which boys are related?

And we even took a pretty decent family photo.
No one was surprised by which little Wall was not smiling.

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