Don’t talk to me on Tuesday

Each Tuesday is kind of a nightmare for me. Why? Because I drive out to Houston Swim Club in Sharpstown twice in one day. First James and I go to the mommy and me class where he is the oldest baby and makes the rest of them look like chumps. 
Why can’t you babies close your mouth when you go under the water? Why are you crying like fools? Oh that is right, because you are BABIES and James is a toddler. Keep in mind, he can’t do anything and would still totally drown if he went into the water alone, but compared to the babies he is a pro. Watch him monkey walk babies – this is how it is done.
Then at 2:30 Vince comes in town to stay at the house with a napping James, and Zach and I get in the car to head back for his lesson. At least I don’t have to get in the pool this time. So it is 30 minutes of blog reading, email checking time. Not terrible, I suppose.

Zach has been with Coach Eileen for a while now and loves her. That is him in the center left of the photo, PS. I don’t really know if I am supposed to be taking photos…so I tried to take them quickly.

Even though the place is far and I get super annoyed I have to go twice, I really, really like it. And what else do I have to do? Exactly.

Zach can swim across the pool (width wise) and totally would NOT drown if thrown in. Which I still plan to do. I am going to personally float test him at the Wall’s pool sometime. That is when he will get thrown in with his clothes on and float and swim to the side. I am excited about it. Hmmmm….maybe that is not the best thing to admit on my public blog but it is true. I think he can do it and he will find it super funny to be in the pool in his clothes.

Here he is with his ribbon and page for moving up to Dolphin. Neither of us knows what that means, what he did to get there or what he has to do to move up but he was very, very proud.

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