New Wheels

Does anyone remember how old they were when they first could ride a bike without training wheels? I remember learning (and riding repeatedly into a ditch) but have no clue how old I was. These days it seems to run the gamete from four year old’s to seven year old’s.

Zach had been riding his balance bike for about two years and loved it. He could balance great; coasting down hills and picking up speed. I was certain he could transition nicely to a small bike with no training wheels. It was my vision, the entire reason to have a balance bike. Here he is at last year’s Ride a Thon.

But my vision was ruined by one, well-meaning person.

We decided that it was time to get Zach a bike with pedals and Alex decided he was in charge of it. He is not usually the one picking the toys or getting them stuff so it seemed like about time. I tried to push for a small bike, one like his friend Kaygo had. Something like this. Zach had ridden it at the park and did great. But when Alex heard “small bike” he thought I meant 16″ over 20″. Nope, I meant 14″. So he and Zach headed to the bike store and came home with a very nice, 16″ Trek bike that Zach was not strong enough to hold up on his own. Awesome.

So needless to say, Alex put the training wheels and they both were perfectly happy about it. I was not. But since then, he and his dad have been going to the park on the weekends and riding in the grass and he is getting better. Yes, he and his dad not me, because I discovered I have zero patience for riding a bike instructing. I knew Zach could do it. Knew it. So it only made me highly angry/annoyed when he whined and wouldn’t do it. But it does not bother Alex one bit, so he is in charge. Which is good, since this is all his fault anyway.

When Ride-a-thon came around this year I knew we had to put the training wheels back on. They circle around the parking lot and it is a very tight turn. Not happening on his big bike sans training wheels.

And you know what? There were a few kids who had bigger bikes without training wheels but most of the kids were on the 16″ with training wheels. And Zach had a blast, riding in a circle and feeling very confident. That is more important, in the end than me being right…right?

On a side note, this is my baby’s fourth Ride-a-Thon and his last, since he will be in Kinder next year. I can’t believe my squishy baby who was pushed in the buggy for his first Ride-a-Thon will be a kindergartner next year.

James as well, is nowhere near riding even a balance bike. His grandparents got him this scooter for his birthday and it has mainly been monopolized by Zach. Of course, the fact that I didn’t also order the two year old handle for it could be a main cause. It is an awesome scooter though and I highly recommend it.

James has taken more of an interest in it, as of late and was determined to take it to the Ride-a-Thon.

I also brought the push trike which he used to push his bestie Keller around in.

He wanted no help or guidance and after he ran Keller into the curb he just turned around and walked off. Pretty standard for James.

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