One of these things is not like the other, sort of

When you have somehow given birth to twins, separated by two and a half years, people want to know – do they have the same personalities? The quick answer is: no.

As a great first example is I had to really search my archives to find a photo of Zach not smiling. He was always smiling. Even when he was making my life miserable, like his brother does now, he had the best disposition. On the other hand you have James. He is a super happy guy, but as we all know, is not impressed with much. OK with anything. I have to search for a photo of him where he is smiling. He does not give it up as easily as his brother.

James is much more stubborn and screamy but, is also much more affectionate and huggy. Zach has always been my kid who would prefer to high five vs. hug. Even as a baby he wanted nothing to do with rocking/cuddling. You had to just put him down in his crib and walk away. Any attempts to sooth him would only anger him. But James loves to rock, he would routinely sleep on me when he was an infant and to this day still turns on his side and tucks his head under my chin when we are rocking before bed. He loves to kiss (“kip”) his dad before he leaves for work and insists on hugging everyone before bed – Norman included. I know, this doesn’t really fit his unimpressed persona.

Another big difference is the running factor. James loves to run. He runs over walking any day and kicks balls over not kicking anything. Every morning he wants to play “football” which means we run through the house while he holds a football and Alex, Zach or I chase him and pretend to “tackle down”. Zach is not and has  never been a runner. I loved that about him as a toddler and especially now that I have a runner. I never worry about him running off in the street or shopping malls. He always preferred to be in the stroller than walking when he was little, and James is that way a bit as well. I am certain James’ affinity for running comes from wanting to keep up with his brother, but it is so, so different than I am used to. 

But man do they look alike.

Especially when I make them match.

One thought on “One of these things is not like the other, sort of

  1. James may take after me as I remember that my parents wanting more of a reaction from me say at Christmas morning. We enjoy things but do not always make a big deal of it. That's for the extroverts. And you and your sister – alike…? Everyone is their own person and that is just fine. PWayne

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