Letter of the Week

Like all Pre-K classes, Zachary has a letter of the week each week that his class works on. Last year I tried to have him do a craft in the afternoons/evenings one day a week with the letter of the week and it was a disaster. He was not as into art as he is now and it was torture for both of us. So after C I scrapped it. And with my work schedule we were lucky to do his letter book (where we had to cut out photos of things that started with the letter) and find something for show and tell. We regularly forgot both of those.

But this year he is very into art and I thought I would try it again. I found this site that has printable pages with the letters at the top and also ideas for each letter.

Since we had done some last year I tried to think of new things and asked Zach what he wanted to do. They are pretty straight forward.
A is for Ant and Anthill

 B is for Banana

 C is for Car

D is for Dinosaur

E is for Electric Pole or “poll” as I wrote it that day. Can you even believe it? Alex has since corrected it on the paper and initialed his changes. 
F is for Feather
Wait, you weren’t expecting E for Electric pole? Yeah, me neither. I tried to encourage E for Eel with visions of me finding eels he could color and cut out but he insisted on creating an electric pole. So that was the result. Those are the electric lines leading to our house and his friend Logan’s house.
We still haven’t gotten much father but now we group them together and do as many as we can in one day. We have them on display in the back room of our house. It looks so lovely with the building blocks, UT football set and dozens of balls. 

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