I am thankful for you

I have refrained all season from doing the “I am thankful for…” on Facebook but it is time. I want to take this day to say I am thankful for YOU my reader friends. And to show you my hand print turkey wreath. But really to say thank you. I love doing this blog, love to talk about my babies and myself and I love that other people care and can laugh along with me. We all know I don’t speak too seriously on the blog. There was that one rare time, but today I seriously want to say thank you for following our little family each week for the past five years. I am so lucky to have reader friends far and wide concerned about my well being and, more importantly, the well being of the small people I am in charge of. I adore you all.

Now for what you REALLY want to hear about; the hand print turkey wreath.

I had a vision. A vision of combining this wreath with this wreath to form a turkey wreath using the boys hand prints.
Turkey hand wreath.                             
I used most of the excellent instructions from the Baby Rabies site for wrapping the foam wreath core. I used brown fabric that I ripped to give it a frayed edge and covered the entire wreath core with it. Then I just laid out James and Zach’s cut out hand prints in a pattern and layering that I liked. Alex was highly, highly skeptical of this vision. Which is a fairly rational response to me painting and cutting styrofoam.

But I love it. It is either super cute or super tacky and I am still a bit on the fence about which one. But not so much that it stopped me from making another smaller one for my papa’s door.

I also decorated our mantle this year. While some might not think hot pink is a Thanksgiving color, those people would be incorrect.

I had an American Indian blanket my mom purchased years ago in my Thanksgiving box and it happens to have hot pink, navy and various browns in it. And I just so happened to have purchased hot pink sticky vinyl. It was clearly meant to be.

I printed out these darling “I am thankful for” tags from Jones Design Company, which is a beautiful blog I follow. She has a bunch free for printing but the light brown one was the perfect fit for our mantle. Like how I say “our” as if Alex had any input into this at all.

Zach has had fun picking one thing he is thankful for each day to put on the tags. I write the front (as if I can give up that control) and he signs his name on the back with the date. I plan to use this for a few years until it just gets crammed full of things we are thankful for. We have much, much to be thankful for.

Like this glitter turkey that I grabbed while running out of the Nutcracker market. And you. OK it is a toss up, I am not going to lie.

I can’t be sure what came over me and why I had to have this turkey, but I did and am thankful it made it home in one piece.

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