No, seriously, I might be getting famous any second

This is not like last time when I was the star of the evening news for 10 seconds. No, I wrote an piece for Houston’s Motherhood Center and they actually published on their blog! Look! That is me!

Don’t worry, I took it easy on the exclamation points for them. Plus, my sister edited the piece before I sent it. She said something about my acceptable usage of “optional” commas, but that my “grasp of ‘needed’ commas to make my sentences grammatically correct was horrible.” I thought that was a bit harsh. She then went on to tell me that her freshman students knew more about commas than me. Yes, but do THEY have a blog? Wait, most likely they do. Whatever, I have a sister and a mom completely fluent in all things grammar. And I love to delegate.

Anyway, back in October, my friend Lanie forwarded me a newsletter from the Motherhood Center asking for bloggers to submit articles. I didn’t really feel I had the right stuff for a classy place like the MC. For those of you not from Houston (and/or don’t have a baby), the MC is the place in town for all your baby needs. Not like a Toy’s R Us, like a my baby won’t stop crying/pooping/refuses to eat/what the hell am I doing/ I need real help place. They offer pre-natal yoga (which was awesome when I was carrying James who pointed straight out, killing my back), mommy and me yoga, breastfeeding classes, pump rentals, lactation consultants and a host of classes to get you ready for a baby and to help you once the baby is here. I called one of the lactation consultations after James. I, apparently, had totally forgotten how to feed a baby and that it is not supposed to hurt like a bitch. I did at least know that was wrong. To summarize, the MC is a big deal and I am just a lowly mommy blogger/crafter who tortures her family with poor grammar and cussing (sorry Daddy).

But you all know I eventually think I can do anything, so I sent a note last week asking if they were still looking for bloggers with a link to my blog. A lovely lady wrote me back and asked for an article about the holidays, something that would introduce me to their readers. Well, that was a stumper. How do I describe myself to people who have never read my blog or spoken to me? I have no clue and that is the reason I don’t have anything under my Complete Profile link. Seriously, what do I say? Stay at home mom who blogs about how her children are precious but super annoying? Over user of sarcasm and a hot glue gun?  Lives near The Little Couple? It is terrifying trying to define myself without an actual job description.

It was like college all over again. I was frozen with a blank page staring at me. All I could think, was to write something about our first Christmas when Zach was two days old and we were still in the hospital. But, that was all I had when Alex walked by. You know he tries to pretend I don’t have a blog (and we let him by not telling him what I write about him) but he is really good with ideas. Too good much of the time. I don’t need to be told AGAIN that exercising is good for a headache/being tired/pants being too tight, thanks. This time he was helpful and suggested writing about our family traditions. You know I am  not good with sentimental stuff. But I liked his idea so spun it my way. I was totally shocked when the MC group liked it and posted it to their blog.

He is now calling himself my muse.

Check it out over on the Motherhood Center Blog. You guys who have been reading since 2009 know the story, so just pretend it is new to you.

I am really going to need to get my nails done if I am going to be such a big deal. Oh, and get a better spell check program.

One thought on “No, seriously, I might be getting famous any second

  1. I all ways knew that Erma Bombeck might have a replacement once you got really going with your blog. Congrats on your 'published' blog. And you get that comma thing from me much to your mother and Charldean's horror. It is just a little mark after all. Love, PWayne

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