Valentine’s Disapointment

No, I don’t mean the possibility that Papa John’s won’t have the heart shaped pizza again (Pleeeease do, PJ’s, please do), but the fact that the Valentine’s I created for Zach’s class were only a three step process. Why didn’t I just pretend I was a normal person and buy them at Walgreen’s? They are not even one consistent theme! Something must be wrong with me.

I know you remember the super cute parachute men from last year, so what is this year’s Valentine? Printed ones stapled to Kit Kat bars. I know, I am horrified as well. I mean the printables are super darling, but I am having to force myself to not put them in a bag with confetti and bakers twine or something. Two years ago I sewed little animals to printed cards. And now? Now I am just printing and stapling?

Yep. Because this year, all I had to do was print and cut, someone else did the stapling. And was very, very proud of himself.

And I suppose they are his valentine’s at the end of the day.
But don’t you worry I have about a 10 step process for the teacher’s valentine’s and James’ involve me creating one in Photoshop. So, I guess I just took it easy on one of the three projects for this week.
Maybe I am still crazy after all.
Phew! That is a relief, I thought I lost my crazy-edge there for a minute.

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