Now this is more like me

I could not be more thrilled with James’ valentine cards. Giddy. I am totally giddy about them. How cute did they turn out?

I, of course, stole the idea from Pinterest and luckily had enough practice with Photoshop during James’ monthly project that it took no time at all. I am not just saying that, it really was very quick.

I opened it in Photoshop and just added text and some standard hearts I found in their clip art. I did decide to make some of the hearts green and blue to tie in the colors of his shirt. As a side note, James owns no plain shirts. None. And the only red shirt he has, is covered with a giant tractor and the words MOVE, MOVE, MOVE on it. That is not romantic.

So, I took my chance when he was wearing a non-screen printed shirt and made him stand in front of a wall and hold his arm out. He didn’t even bat a giant eyelash, only asked if he could take a photo with his dog (he is holding it in his other, hidden, hand). I am so flexible.
I printed them out on some photo paper, I had been hoarding, and made small cuts with an exacto knife to slide the lollipop through. 

When I sent it to my sister she said it was darling but creepy that his hand was 3D. False, it is not creepy, not one tiny bit. OK maybe a tiny bit. But I love it anyway.

Alex spotted it and asked what it was. When I gleefully explained it to him and how I was disappointed in myself for Zachary’s, his response was “well, this is definitely you”.

He embraces the crazy. I mean, he has no choice really, but let’s just go with he embraces it.

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