10 Steps to Crafting Happiness

As I mentioned in this post, my Valentine’s for the teachers this year was a minimum of 10 steps. Which is clearly what I prefer.

But this was not my vision. This one was my vision. However, my vision crashed and burned at 9:30 a.m. the day before Valentine’s day.

Let me break down the steps for you.
1. Find a printable online and immediately scale them and print them out, disregarding the time or the fact it is a week before V day.
2. Research a variety of s’mores mix on Pinterest. Scoff at most of them except this one.
3. Realize you have a delicious s’mores cookie recipe and wonder if those fit into the jars?
4. Decide they in fact can fit if you make them small enough and whip up two batches to freeze until you are ready to bake.
5. Order handled mason jars on Amazon and get very annoyed they will not arrive until the 12th. And yes, you need 12 because, of course you do.
6. Realize they don’t come with lids (WHAT??) and that you have to drag your two year old to Target the day before Valentine’s day in search of lids.
7. Find lids and $100 worth of stuff you didn’t have on your list and arrive home to find that not only did you just buy the lids, not the sealers, but they are the wrong size.
8. Have a pity party for yourself because you have real problems. Debate dragging both children back to Target after nap time, then realize that is ridiculous since you have perfectly good bags ready to be used. Feel very proud of yourself for letting go of the original vision.
9. Put cookies in bags, tie a bow in the baker’s twine (tell yourself it is totally fine that you only have red; no one will notice that you should have used pink) and staple it all to the bag.
10. Clip the tag on with the teeny tiny clothes pins you have been hoarding for years and try not die at the cuteness.

I would like to point out that while I used these for Valentine’s day they don’t actually say Happy Valentine’s Day so you could use them for any teacher gift, at any time. Just make sure you have time to complete the steps.

Also, the blogger made some that just say “There is no one I love S’more than you” to be used for anyone, anytime! That is what I used for the director at the boy’s school. .

But do buy some pink bakers twine when you make these. You will not regret it and I will need to borrow it immediately.

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