Downtime Reading

I don’t know about you, but I keep seeing more and more links I like, shared by friends, on Facebook. Many of them I find super funny/clever but I can only share so many without looking ridiculous and like I have no life except to read what other people put on the Internet (but please keep reading my blog, of course). So, I thought I would start a weekly wrap up of my favorite ones here on the blog. If you have some I missed, please add them to the comments or email them to me! The contact form is over there, in the right margin of the blog.

Here are my favorites of this week:

Why I will still be un-gray for the foreseeable future as will my friends Debra, Tracey – 10 Unbelievable Facts You Didn’t Know about Redheads

That’s not nice – Mean Tweets

The girls on my upcoming girls trip will be getting this (shhhh) – Best Party Favor

I would like to reset most of 1999 – Pressing Reset

#4, #7 and Alex stands solidly behind #27 – 32 Things You Learn Growing Up

My entry today would have been “His brother is saying he is cute” – Why My Kid is Crying

I had to buy the rainbow knot immediately, for the charity of it of course – Glass Knot Trend

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