My favorite frittata

Don’t you have one? A favorite frittata that is? If you do, please share it with me immediately and if you don’t, try this one and see what you think.

After Thanksgiving Alex and I tried the Paleo diet for a month. What is that most of you say? (and the rest of you are rolling your eyes, I can see you) Well, Paleo is a new diet that eliminates all dairy and gluten. You eat “like the cavemen did”. I think there are more details about also not eating potatoes (I break that rule) and some fruit (also guilty) and I did actually buy a book that I have yet to read. Basically we stopped eating bread and cheese.

Alex has always had stomach troubles and I get super puffy (i.e. fat) eating carbs. Plus, I loooooovveee a fad diet. I tried to go vegan while I was pregnant with James, until the first page said to NOT do that while pregnant. Pregnant ladies are so crazy.  I did the South Beach diet at some point in my 20’s and I have a love/hate affair with Weight Watchers. So this was my trick of the month.

But we both really like it! Oh, we totally fell off of it around the holidays and he has done a better job of getting back on (damn you Cheez It’s, damn you) but we both like how we feel.

Now….I will say that I do still eat dairy in moderation and Alex eats only two of the three daily meals Paleo. It is really hard for him to eat paleo during lunch. And while at Ninfa’s. There is really no risk of either of us turning into Gwyneth Paltrow anytime soon.

But back to my point – this almost-Paleo frittata is delicious and holds up well to re-heating. I make it on Sunday and we eat it for breakfast until it is gone. I combined two recipes to come up with this one. It is simple and satisfying.

Sausage and (moderate amounts of) Cheese Frittata

1 lb pork sausage
1/4 – 1/2 cup cheddar cheese
1/2 tsp dried basil
1/8 tsp garlic powder
6 eggs beaten with a splash of milk

1. Heat broiler and place rack 10-15 inches from heat.
2. Brown sausage in large, oven proof skillet, stirring until it crumbles. Drain and wipe down skillet.
3. Return sausage to skillet and add the remaining ingredients.
4. Heat skillet on medium until the bottom of the frittata is just set.
5. Put under the broiler for 2 min and check doneness. Put under for one more minute maximum.

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