Downtime Reading

Last night was the boy’s open house at their school. The main reason is to check out the class for next year and it was very odd to me that I only had one room to check out. Weird.

In Zach’s current class the mom of one of his friends said that her son mentioned “Zach has a great sense of humor”. What a great compliment, I thought, I can’t wait to tell him. She then asked if I thought he did. I said that if your idea of humor is saying poop, pee and bottom, then yes. I am such an inspiration as a mother, no need to tell me; I know. His favorite joke is, “Knock-knock” “Who’s there?” “Poop!!” Followed by a belly-busting laugh. She laughed and said that, for sure, is her son’s idea of humor.

Here is what I have been checking out this week:

I felt the exact same way when Alex’s Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue appeared in my mailbox. I love Chrissy Teigen but I don’t need to see her hiney. – The 2014 VS Swim Catalog: A Mom’s Buying Guide

I am still annoyed that I totally got in trouble for my sister saying “crap” at the dinnertable. And I see #11 with my boys entirely too much. – 15 Things Younger Siblings Don’t Know Their Older Siblings Did For Them

I loved the hardback version of Glennon’s book and will be getting the paperback as well. She is inspiring yet totally normal. – Today is the Day — I Need You!

As someone whose husband still has Ignition on repeat on his July 2012 playlist – the only playlist he uses, this made me laugh. Jimmy Fallon’s Ragtime Cover of R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)”

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