Trail Riders

You guys, why do I get so sentimental about the trail riders? I mean, I just love them. I love these people that drive their cars miles out of town to ride their horses back in. They are so happy and having so much fun with beautiful horses, but at the same time, it is so, so weird. I don’t think other towns have a multitude of streets shut down for parts of a day so trail riders can mosey down. Do they?

Whatever. I planned to do what I have done in the past (well, 2010 and 2011 where he looks just like James, PS); we go to a park and let the kids play until we hear the music they blast as they ride down the street. We then run to the sidewalk and wave and wave. Added bonus of this year – I didn’t have to go to work, so there was no rush at all.

However, we were almost thwarted thanks to the P word. We had to leave the park so Zach could go to the bathroom. Then James peed everywhere, he and I had to change and it was a whole thing. I finally hustled them back in the car with specific instructions to “LOOK FOR THE TRAIL RIDERS OUT YOUR WINDOW!”. Again, why do I care so much??

We spotted them at the end of our street so I cut up a few streets (not the least bit slowly – the boys were yelling “Go Mommy!!”) and we parked at the Y. We ran into my neighbor (who took these photos) and were just in time to see the beginning of a very long trail ride.

Seriously, I totally geek out about the trail riders. I am embarrassed about my hideous too-much-smile face, but I knew you all would want to see it. Calm down, Kinsey, just calm down.

One guy rode his horse up to the curb to give Zach a high five, but the horse went up on the grass more than he needed to, and I thought the horse was going to hit into the crosswalk sign and James was going to climb over my shoulder to get away.

It was the highlight of Zach’s day.

I was so glad to drop my little cowboys off at school after that. I ignored the teacher’s eye rolls that we were late because trail riders. I didn’t even bother to lie.

2 thoughts on “Trail Riders

  1. Must be in the genes. Your late grand uncle Harvey Shirley,'Little Harvey', rode in the trail rides for years. He must be channeling through you. Love, PWayne

  2. Of course you now have to take the boys to the the rodeo. Not sure who is featured now but back then I went to see the Lone Ranger or Roy Rogers my all time favorite. That was when it was called the Fat Stock Show and Rodeo. Love, PWayne

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