Farm Party

My friend Ashley had a farm themed party for her youngest daughter with a real life petting zoo. She had pony rides with the petting zoo, face painting and a balloon artist, Chick-fil-a and doughnuts for dessert. AKA a kids dream. She is an event planner, after all.

I was fairly surprised that both boys wanted to go into the petting zoo. They both tend to get skittish around animals, even if they are fascinated by them.

James just wanted to hold this dirty brush. Not to actually brush any animal, just to hold it and try to brush his own hair. I had to take this photo fast before i had to swipe his hand away again.

But then Zach and I saw this tiny goat. Could you die? Is he not the cutest thing ever?

And doesn’t he look like a real farm kid kneeling to pet it?

Until it got a bit too friendly and knocked him over.

He rebounded fine. And you guys, it was funny seeing your kid get “attacked” by a 2 lb goat. Hilarious.

He also, of course, wanted to get his face painted. But instead of picking a “something” he said he wanted to look like an army man. So she painted camo on his forehead. He looked like a walking bruise. He wanted to get his entire face done, but he had a basketball game that afternoon. I didn’t think he needed full camo on his face prior to running up and down the court at the Y.

James refuses to get his face painted. Refuses. He wants nothing to do with it, but will take a balloon sword to hit you across the knees with. Always be on guard.

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