Watch out, we will hug you

Have I ever told you the story of the time I hugged the head of the San Antonio office upon meeting him for the first time? No? It is totally normal.

Uncle Chris recently sent me this link to the 11 Rules for Hugging at Work, which brought my ugly hugging history back to the service. However, I would like to note that I only broke rule #11.

So I was a young and spry 25 back in 2003, and I was the marketing manager for the Austin and San Antonio offices for my firm. I drove down to San Antonio to meet the office managing partner and discuss his marketing plan, etc. I was stationed in a conference room when he popped in to say hello. He walked over to the desk and I stood to greet him.

Once I stood up I realized how close he was to me, so I did the natural thing I do, when someone gets too close.  I threw both arms around him in a big bear hug. I then, immediately, realized what I had just done, released him and plopped back down into my chair. We were both fairly horrified. I think he mumbled something about how he looked forward to working with me and backed slowly out of the room.

I was then stuck with the next obvious question – what happens when I leave the office? Do I hug him good-bye? Have I just set a hugging precedent? And, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??

Turns out he too was a hugger and while I just popped my head into his office and waved from the doorway that time, for the rest of the two years I worked with him, we hugged every time we saw each other. A big, full bear hug. Or, more likely, he was just really good boss who wanted to keep his weird employee happy.

You know who else in our family hugs inappropriately? This guy.

If he has recently met you, please expect a full leg/crotch hug when you depart. He hugged the train conductor at the Hermann Park Zoo the other day. He hugged his soccer coach (twice) after their first practice together. He may not seem impressed with you, but he would like to hug you.

I could not be more proud.

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