Soccer with a runner

Zach’s basketball is over at the YMCA now. Oh, did I not post about that? Because it was marginally better than soccer (at least there were no tears thanks to constant bribing) but it was still a beating. For me. Zach and Alex made out fine, but I am not ready for sports.

After basketball was over, Alex asked when soccer at the Y started and I pretended like I could not hear him. I could not do it again. The eating dinner fast to get Zach and a cranky James to practice, the aforementioned constant bribing to avoid tears and the games where spectators, who shall not be mentioned, shout the entire time “supportive” things from the sidelines.

I mean, I get it, I have boys. Most likely they are going to play sports of some kind. But they are FIVE and TWO, does it have to be now?

Is anyone surprised I am making sports all about me? You guys know me too well.

But you know who is ready? James. This guys seems to have been born running. I think it is a second kid thing, because he, of course, wants to do everything Zach is doing and ever since Zach played soccer last year, James has been very into playing here at the house.

I had heard about an organization called Soccer Shots mentioned in some of my moms group emails. I sent Alex a link to check it out and he signed both boys up right away. They don’t do games, it is just 30-45 minutes (depending on age) of fun with a soccer ball. Perfect.

And you guys, it is great. James loves it. He is super serious and pays strict attention to what his coach says. He does not scream at her or appear unimpressed. Rude.

You will notice we are not close to the players, as some parents are. Most of the kids are first kids and their parents are total hoverers. I like to sit on my stadium mat at the opposite of the field and avoid eye contact while secretly filming his every move. He could be a future soccer star for all I know! I need to have it on video. I hover from afar.

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