Masking Tape Eggs – 2014

Last year I wrote the below post about masking tape eggs. Well, we tried them again this year and it worked so much better. Zach loved it and made, not only eggs, but letters as well. I wanted to re-post with the instructions in case anyone wanted to give it another go. With older children. Which I recommend.
PS look how tinyfat James was!
One of the things I miss the most about working part time is the extra time I had in the afternoons. I could go to the grocery store, the craft store, get dinner made or spend a extra time with my children. Which was technically the point. 
So now that it is light later I decided to do a quick art project with the boys after they were already in their pajamas. I saw this wet chalk craft and knew I had to do it. Partly because my boys love anything with water and also because I love peeling away tape and seeing a crisp white line. Normal.
I cut quick egg shapes out of card stock and taped them to their table. They loved wetting down the chalk. I believe the instructions said to just dip the top in but both boys preferred a full chalk dunking – you can see various pieces of chalk being submerged in this photo.

 Look how serious that baby is! And how he is not screaming at me! It was glorious.

Such fat, fat fingers. The better for pinching your legs when you do not do as he says.

Once the eggs had dried I peeled off the tape and voila! Zach’s is on the right and James’ is on the left. Isn’t my baby advanced? Doesn’t it look like a 35 year old woman who could not stand to not have it filled in, did it? I know; we are advanced applying to Harvard.

4 thoughts on “Masking Tape Eggs – 2014

  1. I totally agree that art projects take all of 3.5 minutes to complete. I am always so disappointed. My entire Sunday afternoon plan was coloring shamrocks. Started them at 3. At 3:05 I was like, oh crap now what will we do the rest of the day.

  2. Kinsey! I just found your blog and I love it. Boys! Jan, we have a carpenter/handyman/friend “Clark the Carpenter” who says his teachers duct taped him to his chair at school when he was little and that it WORKED! Kinsey, lets try it 🙂

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