Fork painting? Why not.

In my continuing effort to break up the tackling/basketball playing/running through the house screaming, that are my afternoons, last week we tried fork painting. Of course we did.

We had a random Friday off from school (not good Friday) and I went through my Activities for the Boys page on Pinterest and wrote down five things we could do. I also put Despicable Me on the list, as that was my fall back plan. My boys will watch that movie in total silence and it is heaven. But back to an activity where I have to interact.

The boys love to paint and don’t get to do it all that much, given the mess factor, so it is a real treat. Painting + a movie = mom of the year, around here. I saw this pin for tulip painting and I knew I had a giant stash of plastic forks ready to be used.

It’s a pretty straight forward exercise and I won’t break it down for you (you are welcome), but it was a hit. They both (James with some help) could press the forks in the paint and on their papers and then they just free-handed some art.

 I might have helped James with his stems…maybe…

But Zach’s apple tree was all him.

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