Three is the new two

Everyone who has had a baby in the past five years (maybe longer) will know what I am talking about. The questions start almost immediately after you have your second baby – will you have a third? And God forbid you have two of the same gender, then everyone wants to know if you will “try for the boy/girl”. When did having two kids stop being plenty? Because let me tell you, two kids is more than plenty.

But of course you parents of one kid don’t know this. You are enjoying all the special moments with that solo kid and worrying about every little thing (no judgment, I totally did it). But if you decide, and are able to, have another, your world is turned on its ass. Totally. I can’t even fathom what throwing one more person into the mix is like. I know too much now, it is not like the naivety of going from one to two. I only have two hands, four chairs at a table and I have a hard enough time listening to two people talking to me at the same time. What in the world would I do with another?

And yet…. as my boys get bigger, I have a hard time getting him out of my head, this third Wall boy (we all know it would be a boy).

Back in January, I took James’ car seat into the Baby’s R Us trade in event and smugly thought, I am handling this so, so well. Look at me! I am not sad or sappy about giving away this car seat we bought for Zach, that James has now outgrown. Only hoarders attach sentimental value to inanimate objects.

Seriously, I was really handling it well.

Then we turned down the baby isle and I lost my mind. I legitimately needed a new thermometer and the next thing I knew, I was holding back tears and throwing diaper paste and safety latches into my basket.

Keep in mind my actual baby, James, was with me. And that I had plans to potty train him in the coming weeks. And by “I had plans” I mean he has been crying about wanting to wear underwear for weeks. Point being, I don’t need diaper paste, a safety latch or the Purell I now own. As if I Purelled with James anyway. Clearly I was not handling this as well as I thought.

But what I have finally realized is that I am not sad about not having a third baby, I am just sad that my two babies are not actually babies any longer. I am not looking for that third Wall baby, I just want my two Wall babies to stay little. I get sad that I will never rock them in the chair and listen to the sleep sheep (that I can’t give away) while they sleep in the bassinet next to me again. My babies are turning into kids. Great, happy, funny kids, but the more baby fat James looses, the closer it gets to me being alone with three boys in my house.

When I see pregnant women, I don’t long to join their ranks again, But, I remember the excitement and the anticipation you feel when there is a tiny being growing in your belly. There are so many questions and so many different ways your future can go. I miss that.

And when your infant comes home and you rock your baby to sleep, or let him sleep on you, it is just the best, sweetest feeling. That small weight in your arms, relying on you, needing you. I miss that too.

I am not sad about not having a third, or not having a girl, I am just sad that that time period in my life is coming to a close. OK, maybe a little sad about not having a girl. But as I told Zach when his asked, if I wanted a girl baby; yes, I did, but I just didn’t know I really wanted him.

4 thoughts on “Three is the new two

  1. Kinsey, this is beautiful. Olivia is almost four and we get the “are you going to have two?” question at least once a day. The answer is, I still have zero idea. I'm very much in the stage you describe. So sad that my baby is so big now. Thinking of her going to big-kid kindergarten breaks my heart. But is that impetus to have another? Or does it just mean that I'm sad about this phase in my life coming to a close?

    Barry and I talk a lot about the grief that comes with parenting. Every moment with these little angels is something to cherish and savor, because you never know if you'll hear them mispronounce that same word ever again or ask for you to carry them in the house just one more time.


  2. Love this post so much! I'm still really hoping for a third (i.e. trying to bully my husband into it). I miss those long talks we had when our firsts were so little, and I have some really sweet pictures of them “playing” (i.e. us ignoring them) while we talked. Miss you and your sweet boys!

  3. Thank you Jessie!! It is nice to know I am not the only one. I totally feel you on the mispronunciation. Now that Zach can say “olympics” vs. “lylyapics” I feel he is too old. 🙂

  4. it is soooo hard to ignore them now as you know…we drove by your first house, sight of the first playdate where I was dropped off, still medicated, and forgotten by Alex. Good times.

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