Kindergarten is not messing around

So Zach has been in big time Kinder for four weeks now. We are starting to settle into a routine a bit and he is getting more comfortable in his class, aka he is getting in trouble for talking. We all knew this would happen, how could I possibly be surprised or mad given who his parents are? Plus I can distinctly remember my mother exclaiming to me, in a very exasperated tone, “Kinsey, can you just stop talking?” after I had my color changed from green to yellow to red for talking to Mindi Miller. I could not. Physically, I could not. I had SO much to say that she just HAD to hear, right that second. I still have fairly terrible impulse control.

But this is not about me (who are we kidding, blog readers, it always about me).

In his class, the only homework so far is to practice his sight words and read for 20 minutes. He can’t read so that means I have to read to him for 20 minutes. I clearly count the five minutes we read with James before bed, so I have made it 15. Now, we also have to write down one book he read and rate it. I thought this was merely a suggestion when the “Guided Reading” sheet came home, because as stated, he can’t read anything except “Subway” and “Chick-fil-A” on his own, but whoopies, no. He was supposed to fill it out. Luckily he knew this and reminded me the night before it was due. So he ran and got seven books that we have read at some point and we wrote them down and rated them. He kept wanting to check the box to show that he read it and I was all, “buddy, if you want to read it then learn to read”…he was not pleased with my suggestion. IMG_4653During open house with the teacher she gave us the list of 68 sight words they would be learning over the year, two a week. You all know I had restrain myself from printing them out that night. But I managed and the next day the second I dropped off James I got out my laminator and I was ready. You see, I found a link to a blog where the mom set up the sight words for printing complete with the traceable version on the back. I heart her, we are clearly crafting soul mates.

My mom read something when I was in elementary school about children memorizing better when a word is written on yellow paper versus white. I can still remember have nightmares about writing all my spelling words out on yellow index cards. So, I found two pieces of yellow cardstock and printed two sets on those. You can only imagine my disappointment in not having more than two pieces of yellow cardstock. How was that possible? I could not roll my eyes harder at myself. Luckily, as my mom says, the store had not run out so I was able to secure more the next day.


Can you see my vision coming together?


I love my laminator so hard. Even though, similar to the paper cutter, it is too small and I will need to be upgrading at some point it gets the job done. Plus, it is cute and can also make stickers.


Darling, right? Wait, are sight words supposed to be darling? Don’t answer that.

And here is the issue with my darling flashcards….the list is for the Dolch Sight Words and Zach’s sight words are not the Dolch sight words, or not all of them are. So I have 64 laminated flash cards that may or may not be on his list. Of course. Of course I do. So now, for the ones I didn’t have I had to write them on the yellow card stock and make the tracing ones with little lines that are totally not up to my standards, but will have to do.

I hole punched them all and have them hanging on a ring ready to go. We flip through them each night and he reads them, spells them and uses them in a sentence. We may or may not trace them, depending on time. We have to get to our 20 minutes of reading after all.

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