Everyone needs a monogrammed pumpkin

And some greenery to nestle it in. Clearly.


Last year around this time I was gifted with the cutting machine that would change my life. I know I am prone to exaggeration, but not this time. When my friend Courtney asked if I wanted her Silhouette machine I had no idea how much I would love it or use it. As in, I use it all the time.

Since she would not let me pay her for it, I made her a monogrammed pumpkin. How else would one say “thank you”?

Then, I made myself a little one to go next to my purple skeleton head and glass jar of more mini-pumpkins on the mantle. Alex just pretended like his life was not happening. But it is, ALEX. You have a purple glass skeleton head on your mantle.


This year, I made one for my sister as you know I don’t like for her to be left out/she needs more decorations.


And for my friend Maria. She is part of the Blue Pumpkin Project, which raises awareness of kids with food allergies. I love how the pumpkins look together!

If you don’t have a monogrammed pumpkin, now is the time to get one. The fake pumpkins are on sale at every craft store and the vinyl letters are so inexpensive on Etsy.

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