We were this close

I have been hiding something from James.  Back in summer I bought tickets to see Katy Perry. Katy Perry, the singer of James’s favorite song, Roar. I knew he would be so pissed if he found out.

My friend Laura is a big Katy Perry fan (“no one is bigger than Katy Perry” she maintains) so she emailed me and a few other people who solely listen to 95.7 in Houston.  I would not have called myself a giant Katy Perry fan, but what else would I have been doing on October 10th? Putting children to bed? Getting yelled at by James? No thank you. I decided I preferred to be with thousands of other people’s children.


You guys, it did not disappoint. Laura got us tickets on the fifth row. FIVE ROWS FROM KATY PERRY. I had no idea. But, when you go to a pop star concert at 36 you might as well be on the 5th row. You can finally afford it. So can these gentlemen who arrived with their twenty-something “girlfriends” and sat in the 4th row.


I don’t know why I have not been sitting that close my entire life. I mean, I do, but having done it, I totally should have used my rent money to get closer to the Indigo Girls. We could see the sweat on her dancers and got hit with so much confetti.



And because I am 36 I can also afford all the Katy Perry merchandise I want, like this “shirt” that I call a sleep shirt. Who would wear that in public? It is like a super short dress but too long for a shirt. I do not understand these teenagers. But I love their music.


And my children love the Katy Perry flashing wands I purchased them. They flash and strobe and you can wear it around your neck. Again, what teenager would want this? My five and three year olds think they are light sabers and love them.


I recorded her singing Roar for James and he lit up when watching it. Luckily he didn’t understand that I got to see her this close and he didn’t.

One thought on “We were this close

  1. I am so happy for you about this! These pop concerts sell out so fast, it’s like the only thing teenagers plan for in advance. What’s next, Justin Timberlake? I tried to see him here, sold out.

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