The End is Near

Zach has one more soccer game before the season is over. FINALLY.


Don’t get me wrong, this year is much better than last year, when he was four, James was two and I wanted to die. There has been basically no crying, except for when he has gotten “hurt” and marginally no complaining. He likes the games a lot but not the practices – which is totally normal. Plus, my dad got some great action shots of him where he looks like a for-real athlete!


The downsides are the twice a week hour long practices at dinnertime. With James. But even that has been OK. They practice at an elementary school near us and like the helicopter mom I am, I let James climb and play on the playground 50 yards from me. Independence, that is what I am fostering.

But it was still just a lot of soccer. Lots of practice, lots of games, lots of sweaty soccer socks.

We had a great coach this year. Coach Brett lives on the street behind us and is the most positive supportive coach you could be lucky enough to get. Because that is how we did it – luck. I had to stop being so effusive about how great he was given I live with Zach’s last soccer coach and didn’t want him to take it totally personally.

For the end of the season, I put myself in charge of the thank you gift and made him this personalized water bottle and card with an Academy gift card from the full team inside. I love my team parents – they all just said “Sounds great!” and let me do what I want. You know those are my favorite kind of people.



And since I have no boundaries, when one of the other moms asked what I did for our coach, as she was in charge for her other son’s team, I suggested the water bottle for him too. Naturally.


Though at first sight “Coach Todd” looks kind of like  “Coach Toad”…perhaps I should have chosen a different font…

Click over to Teacher Gifts if you would like to order one for the coach in your life!

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