Back in the saddle

I think we all remember last year when I was disappointed with myself with Zach’s valentines. They were really not up to my standards and I could not let that happen again.

So when I spotted these eye rings, I knew they were perfect and just what I was going to do.


I used my Silhouette machine to create the sunglasses and cut them out. However, I am having trouble with the machine and had to cut most of them by hand. I can’t even talk about it. What will I do if that machine breaks?? Cry? Pass out? Don’t even talk to me about it.

I obviously didn’t even ask Zach if he liked it. That is such a benefit of raising a mini-Alex; I know he does not care. But he did really like the idea once I showed him these completed ones. He then asked if he could help me with the rest. Bless. I don’t think other children have to ask to help their mom with their valentines…I think it is the other way around.


Don’t worry, I said of course he could help. We sorted them into colors for the boys and girls and he wanted to use black string for the boys and red for the girls. I am thinking it will be good bow tying practice since I need him to learn to tie his shoes like yesterday.

I included a pdf in case anyone would like to use the tags. Just click here to download it.

Why I love January

OK, so two weeks ago when the boys went back to school, I drafted this blog post in my head. Then I promptly forgot about it. It was Tuesday and the boys were finally back in school after 17 sleeps and I could exhale. I didn’t have to feed anyone, entertain anyone or pretend I think this is funny.


You guys, I didn’t do a thing that entire day. I took full advantage of this stay at home mom gig and stayed at home. I might have napped. I might have watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I might have had a giant grin on my face for that entire five hours.

I mean, we did have a nice Christmas. I know you don’t know that since I have been MIA. Why did I have to go MIA?? I was not planning on it. I was thinking I would have all this time to blog and chat. Negative. Let me run down all what happened for you…you know I adore a summary post.

After I published that last December post, the school year ended and Zach’s birthday was three days away. He wanted to have his party at Chuck-e-Cheese’s and it was so easy. I reserved it all online and just showed up with some cupcakes. He didn’t want favors as “the things they win with their tickets will be there favors”. Having just come out of crafting overload, I did not argue.

Can you even believe I have a six year old. My fat baby is six. I can’t even take it.



James got to invite one friend and he picked Harper, of course. These two are best buddies could not love each other more.



Birthday = done, on to Christmas Eve! Everyone came to our house for Mexican (my family’s tradition) and church. I got out the tripod my dad got me for a Wall family photo. This was the best we could do. On the whole, it is pretty good.


And Merry Christmas! Santa came, complete with photo documentation for a skeptical six year old and brought the boys all they wanted – except the bb gun Zach asked for. There is no need for a little boy living in the middle of Houston to have a bb gun. No way. I told him Santa could not get gifts that parents didn’t want their kids to have. It was in the contract.




After breakfast we packed up and went out to the Walls to spend the night and open more presents.

Then it was my birthday – happy 37th to me. Gross. How am I so old?

My parents were in town so we threw handed  the boys off to them and had lunch at ZaZa. My sister, brother-in-law and nieces arrived and we went to Tokyohana to celebrate. My parents were highly, highly skeptical, but it turned out to be perfect. It is super kid friendly and aside from the fire scaring my niece Vivian, everyone had fun.


How cute is she, even if she is so scared??


Every child wanted to sit next to me. James started crying when Charlotte took his seat. Luckily Zach is the sweetest big brother and always moves for his cry-baby brother. I say that with love…IMG_5527

We had a fun weekend with my them all, I love to spend time with them and Vivi is thinking about acknowledging that she has an Uncle named Alex. She currently refuses to make eye contact or speak to him. It is hilarious. His voice is very loud and low for little girls.

Once they left I was still staring down a full week, plus a Monday, of quality family time. Luckily I had thought a bit ahead and signed the boys up for half day art camp on Monday and half day gymnastics camp on Friday. So we filled the time with a trip to the trampoline center, including my three year old playing dodgeball with 12 year olds. Normal.



We went bowling.



Then we spent a morning doing this:


Video is here:

New Year’s Eve the Wall’s kept the boys, which has become a nice little tradition which I hope continues (pretty please?). We had the Rockets tickets that night and Alex was shocked when I agreed to go for my one game of the year. It was a 6pm game however, so we had some time to kill once the game ended. I don’t know who won. I barely paid attention.


So we had about two hours to kill before our dinner reservations. We walked to some bars downtown and pretended like we were 22 again. And what did we do at those bars? Oh we drank water (to hydrate) and registered Zach for Little League (the deadline was the 1st). I would say sad, but really, it is about on par for 37 year old parents of two. We are tired and have stuff to do. We rang in the New year at a bar and then immediately Ubered home. I was in bed by 12:30. Awesome.

Finally the celebrating could come to an end. Are you not exhausted just thinking about it? I am. While it was fun to see everyone and so nice to not have to get up at school time, I started having flashbacks to the summer with 12 hours each day to entertain my children and might have gotten a bit panicky there at the end.

So I am glad for January. I like my routine. Even with the cold and rainy weather, it is a relief for me.