What I learned the last day of the Rodeo

First of all HI! I have missed you, have you missed me? I assume most of you are with me on Facebook or Instagram so know the gist of what I have been up to, but I am sad to have been silent here on the blog for so long. I have two words for you as the cause of my absence: Downtown Abbey. I recently realized I could stream all the past seasons on Amazon Prime and commenced to do just that. I swear I wiled away any productive hours watching that show. I mean I got the basics of my job done; my kids were fed and clothed, but otherwise I was on the couch 100% invested in the Crawleys. Thankfully that came to an end and I am back!

But clearly, I was still in a DA-daze because the end of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo snuck up on me and suddenly we had two days to go. Which was the last weekend of the entire thing. I can hear your collective gasp. Exactly.

I don’t even know what happened! It wasn’t like last year when I forgot to buy tickets and had to con Uncle Chris into selling me his, I had tickets well in advance. There was a lot of rain, baseball started and poof! it was the last weekend of the rodeo.


So here is what I learned going the last day of the Rodeo:

5. Everyone who went days 1-19 is much smarter than me. Give yourself a #momwin on that one.


4. Agventure smells MUCH better without all the cows. When you go the last day, they are 98% gone. Packed up on their trailers and back to their homes. Don’t try to show your city boys real cows, it is not happening.


3. You need a little person to make some elbow room around the remaining hatching chicks. There will only be one small incubator left. Don’t think too hard about the ones that have earlier dates and have not hatched. Be grateful your kindergartener can’t really read dates.


2. The carousel is not worth it. I repeat, not worth it. The line is forever long, as is the time it takes to fill the entire thing. Use a trip to the zoo as bribery to avoid this at all cost.


Do not be fooled by our smiles and Alex’s high hat. Panic was setting in as I looked at all the people and lines around us.

1. I should have stayed home. Yes, the boys loved it for the first hour. Then the place filled up, got hot and sticky and I lost all patience. My hometown has a rodeo for the entire county, I should have just promised we would go to that one. Driving four hours with my children would be more preferable.

Though my baby brushing a baby goat almost made it worth it. Almost.


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