It took some getting used to

The boys have been back in school for almost two months now. It seems like it has flown by! The question I get asked the most is, “How is James doing/liking kindergarten?”. So I thought I would take some time to answer that here. And maybe mention my other son too. Maybe. I mean, look at that sweet smile he gave me with minimal yelling on my part.


The short answer is “Great!” James has really assimilated into his class and already has a group of new friends that he loves hanging out with. They are all, except one, younger siblings of other kids at the school. One of them told his mom that he lifts James up on the monkey bars because James’s other “top friend” is shorter than James. True.

There have been some hiccups….for the first two week, he cried every day after school. I had to carry him out of school twice hysterically crying. Those were both fits about the school store not having a white dry fit shirt in his size. I am not kidding. It got to where we could not even walk by the store or he would start to lose his mind.

We got through it and it helped when the white shirts FINALLY came in. Isn’t it just amazing and totally worth torturing your mom for??


Then in week four he had a screaming, crying, clutching my leg fit when I tried to leave. You guessed it; I was “too far from him” and he was “all alone”…in a class of 22 kids. I cannot even. The fit gave me flashbacks to every day of his 3’s class when this would happen. I left the elementary school in a cold sweat. Not again. I can’t have another year like that. I might have been slightly shrieky and panicky to Alex on the phone, so he handled it. He told James that it was his job to go to school and not make his mother’s life hard. Yes and yes. We have not had another outburst since. Oh, there have been tremblings, don’t be mistaken, but no full out crying/wailing fits. But I am clearly still too far away, so it could come any day.

But on the whole, he is so happy at school. Today when I dropped him off it was “backwards day”. His teacher had her shirt on backwards and he immediately turned his that way too.


Let’s be clear, he is still my baby and looks tiny in the hallways next to the 5th graders. But he mixes in and (clearly) leaves me in the dust on the regular, as exhibited by this blurry photo I snapped of him running to get his HISD breakfast this morning.


Speaking of that, yes, my kids are still eating breakfast and lunch at school. I have not gone back on my promise from August. I am not making lunches. They can do it, or buy the $2.35 HISD lunch.


Guys, it is life changing. I have my nights back! We look at the menu (online now bc HISD is so 2016) and they decide. The usually both eat breakfast too. Mainly because James eats soooooo sllloooowwwwllly we would never get out the door, but also because Zach loves the chicken biscuits and James loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Duh, who doesn’t.


Just for funsies, I have included, all the boys first day of school shots – well, the ones with them together. I can’t go back futher as I get too sad about my babies being so big. So sad for like 5 minutes then I am off to lunch ALONE and I get right over it.

But this one…


Stop. That is Zach’s first day as a Honeybee. He is like 18 months old. If he ever doubts my love for him I will just direct him to this blog from 2008-2011. Hundreds of posts. HUDREDS about that sweet face.






James was not impressed with first day of school photos. But my first born angel people pleaser sure was! I love that face.


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