Maybe it is just me

Guys, you are all the best! I could not have anticipated how reassuring you all have been after my traumatic experience. As one friend said, “the reason it is so funny is that it could not possibly be true.” OR I am an amazing grandma and should be looking much more rested since all my children are grown and gone.

Either way, Alex assured me it was time for a new hat. I told him I needed him to help me pick it out since arguably he is the one who stares at it the most. We came up with two choices to pick from and I threw The Hat in the mix too.

A few things you might be asking:

  1. Kinsey, could you not have bothered to put on makeup? Nope. I wanted this to be a real life test of the hat. And this is what I look like on Saturday mornings. Sitting in a chair, in a t-shirt and cheering for some child doing something.
  2. Really a pony-tail? Yes. I look MUCH better with my hair down in a hat. Like I am basically a model, but again, that is not real life. It is still a bajillion degrees in October and not realistic.
  3. Who is your photographer? Zachary. I told him I needed him to take photos of me from the front and side for my blog and he just shrugged and said, “OK”. Like that is a totally normal mom request.

So pick a hat, any hat! Let me know what you think. I can’t wait to find out which one you like best….

Floppy sun hat


Rounded hat with a bow

img_5577The Hat (original)img_5578



Ugh, I can barely even with all these photos of myself. I really should have put on makeup and changed my shirt. Next time a lady calls me a grandma and I need a new hat, I totally am.

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