You too can be a Wall

Once a year we try to go back to Austin where we both went to school. Usually we go when we are invited to the football game, thanks to my Aunts and Uncles. They are brave souls as James always ends up with cheese all over his shirt and rolling around on the ground. Always.

This year, both Lauren and I got to go – so that was four cheese eaters and floor rollers. And the children did not disappoint.

We started our tour by going to the School of Engineering for Alex. He just knew the boys would be so excited to go. Ummmm, it was a Saturday and locked. We had to follow some kids in who tried think about not letting us in. Guy going to the engineering school on a Saturday, what are we going to do? Mess up your concrete sample? Calm down.


We found some ruler, or something, from the honor society Alex was allegedly in his senior year. His signature was not on it. I told him that he, for sure, ignored the email about coming to sign it back in 1999. We took this photo for his mom. Don’t tell him it is on the blog.


He also thought it would be a great idea to take our kids to the Posse East before the game. For those of you unaware (or who forgot like me), this is a bar. Yes, they serve some food, but it is a bar and mainly outside. So kid appropriate.


And SO hot. Lord, it was hot. Look at Zach’s face, he really needs some AC.

Once we got into the stadium, all of a sudden people were roping off a hallway and I was all, let’s see what this is about. Well, it was the parade of the cheerleaders, pom squad and the bank. The biggest drum in Texas cruised by right in front of us, followed by the biggest band in the West which went on for a while. My children were almost trampled when the entire band was crammed into this makeshift hallway and jumping up and down.

But we made it and the cousins could not have had more fun being together at the game. They were tackling Zachary and throwing a football around. Lauren and I kept looking for the people in charge of these children to come make them mind. All we really wanted to do was sit and drink and talk to each other. Naturally.

At halftime Alex wanted to go down and meet our friend Phil so we started to head that way. Lauren told her girls that just the Walls were going and they both started crying. Ummmm, not acceptable. I told them no one needs to cry about not being a Wall; they could of course come.

Which is what lead to Alex and I being in charge of four children under seven in the crush of a UT halftime. Everyone who knows us knows this was not a good choice.


Luckily the children kept up with each other and Alex ended up carrying Vivi and she was trying to stroll. I bribed everyone with cotton candy at the end.

Look at these precious faces who just want their sugar on a stick.


Four kids is no joke, I am in awe of people who do it! I was exhausted from it all and had to go sit down. And keep drinking and talking to my sister. WHICH IS ALL I EVER WANT.