4 Year Old Fun

Zach turned four on December 23rd and we had his birthday on the 22nd at WonderWild. The theme was super heros for my Spider-man/Superman/Batman loving little boy.
I am just going to pretend I don’t have a four year old because that means I am one step closer to him not being a little boy any more. I can’t even think about that.
And I know you are just dying to know all the details about his party. How well we know each other.
The whole reason I picked WonderWild for his birthday was for the little kids play area in front of the huge 3 story obstacle course and inflatable slide for the big kids. But naturally James thought that little kids area was beneath him and only wanted to be on the too-big obstacle course. And Zach really wanted to be in the ball pit. I can’t win.
Can you tell that they have capes attached to their shirts? I spotted these at Target and could not leave them in the store. James has no clue he is wearing one, sort of like a Kick Me sign and it tickles me to no end.
No wonder James is so annoyed all the time.

Our littlest guest arrived in full holiday gear. Next year I will be sending him a super hero outfit. I know his mother will be so thrilled.

My playgroup friends! We have been together since our 4 year olds were infants. We all have two now and I love these ladies. They have saved me more than once.

I was super pleased with how these Kroger cupcakes and Amazon purchased rings turned out. I really wanted those pink super girl rings for the girls. And they did as well, might I add.

Check out the Sophie on the left as Spider-man, Zach as Green Lantern and Sophie on the right as Wonder Woman. I made the masks from craft foam based on a template from Pinterest. I improvised a bit to make Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and the lines on Spider-Man. I made Zach try them all on. It was the only thing I made from scratch and I was very proud of myself. Quite a change from other parties…oh what a difference a second baby makes.

I love Allen.

Don’t worry – James was mildly unimpressed with all the festivities.

This grandpa, Jim, brought his grandson since his parents were off with my nemesis had other plans. They were the first to arrive and last to leave – which I love. You know you are always sweating it when the party starts; that no one is actually going to come and you am going to have to entertain your children alone for two hours. This is Jim’s second appearance on the blog and I am 99% sure that he has no clue a) that I have a blog, b) that he has made these two appearances and c) what a blog is.

My baby is four, my baby is four, my baby is four.

Why is she friends with me

That is a very valid question for many of my friends, but especially my-friend-Sonia. I seem to only call her my-friend-Sonia like people don’t’ know by now that I have a friend named Sonia and she knows everything. And gives excellent advice. And knows when I am being totally cra-cra.

Anyway, when I was planning James’ party I had the excellent idea to give away Make Your Own Ice Cream packs complete with wooden spoon, ice cream cup and recipe. Adorable, right?

It was adorable until I realized I should have ordered the cups with lids online as I was having trouble finding them. 

LiTTLe WHiTe PaPeR ICe CReaM CUPS-4oz with Diy printables CLeaR DoMe LiDS and wood taster spoons-Ice Cream-Showers-Weddings-10ct

 This was totally my vision. Not going to happen. Insert hyperventilation here.

Which is where my-friend-Sonia comes in. I was going on and on and on about my terrible misfortune when she suggested that I just “put them in a bag”.

If looks could kill she would be dead.

I am sorry, do I LOOK like someone who would just put something that darling into a bag?  Seriously. It was like she didn’t even know me. She immediately begin laughing and apologizing when I turned on my heel and left.

After more research and visiting all craft stores in the greater Houston area this is I ended up with:

Yep, it’s a bag. Granted, a bag with a cute tag and sticker that matched the invite, tied with the ever so trendy bakers twine and filled with the fixings for ice cream, a wooden spoon and two ice cream cones.

But still…I do owe her an apology. Sigh. I am really a piece of work sometimes.

Scenes from a party

Way back in July when my baby turned one I threw a party. Remember? In typical Kinsey fashion I was very proud of myself and made my dad take excessive photos of the decorations because I know everyone would just be dying to see.

You are welcome.

Naturally the idea was spawned from Pinterest and my Granny making cupcakes in ice cream cones. I actually did not go THAT overboard, but we had fruit in ice cream cones, rice crispys shaped like popsicles and on sticks (technically a total fail as the heat kept melting the marshmallow) and wooden spoons.

How did this photo of a child get in here? 
Oh yes, to show that Caroline was a HUGE fan of my wooden spoons and ice cream cups. 
Isn’t she darling loving my theme?

And this photo I just liked of three dads “watching” the children. At least Matt was holding a child while drinking. Wait…that might make him the bad guy.

Happy Birthday James!

This is the pool we rented for James’ 1st birthday party.

This is James’ brother coming down the slide we rented for James’ first birthday party.

This is not James’ friend…

This is not James’ friend…


Close but no…

Aha! Lily will count as his friend though you can tell she is not pleased about it.

And here is the birthday boy with his Auntie Tami and his trademark stare.

FINALLY! One of James’ friends.

James, what are you doing? Stop trying to push Margaret Hull down! She is one of only 3 friends you have at your birthday party!

And Nora who is his only friend from school at his party. To be fair, she made the cut as she is the sister of one of Zach’s friends.

Poor second baby.

3rd Birthday Party – extreme details

If you could not tell already from my post about the invites I created for Zach’s party I was kinda obsessed with his theme. And by ‘kinda’ I mean ‘totally’ and by ‘his’ I mean ‘mine’ so much that I refused to change the the cupcakes to red from blue and yellow. I just caved and let him have a red cupcake (technically the only thing he asked for). I copied basically the entire party from Sarah over at Create Studio, which I found on Pinterest. She is the one that sweetly sent me her favor tags and water bottle covers. I ended up recreating her images after I bought some mustache clip art on Etsy. Did you know they sell mustache clip art? Yeah, neither did I. 
 Cupcakes with chocolate mustaches on top
Just one red one for the birthday boy
Individual veggies & ranch dip (that went basically untouched)
and chocolate pretzel cigars
The proper usage of said cigars
Nugget tray, the label says, “Real men eat chicken”

Could you die for these waters? I did. 
I loved them so much I took another picture.

Sophie sporting a mustache
No one told me mine was on crooked.
Littlest mustache wearer Lily
Prior to the party I sent an email to all attendees to clarify that 
the party favors (below) were NOT edible. 
They are two toned crayons made using the same mold as the chocolate. 

The Chillens Museum

Zach had his third birthday party at the Children’s Museum (or Chillens museum as he says it) on his actual birthday. It was really nice to do it that day so we did not have to celebrate twice and get him all confused. He already believes that he gets presents for about a week during Christmas time.

The museum did an awesome job of setting up the room in my requested colors of blue and yellow (what? they said I got 20 balloons and table covers, of course I was going to ask to just have blue and yellow) and best of all, my house stayed clean. But truly the best thing (in my opinion) about the museum is that the kids get to play for about 45 min to an hour before eating/cake. So they are worn out that night.

We had better attendance than I thought given it was the Friday before Christmas and though we were missing some crucial friends (Big Ben for one), Zach had a awesome time with the fun friends that were able to come. If you recall the theme was Little Man, and James is dressed accordingly.

All the kiddos seemed to enjoy the huge climbing structure. 
Even though it SPECIFICALLY says 5 and up.
Zach and his fav Auntie Alison
The super, super cute Sam Prewitt.
 Zach refused to smile for any photos so this one was caught on the fly.
An aeronautical engineering making a rocket. Of course.
Zach and his ladies.
My big three year old singing Happy Birthday to himself.

Pinterest made me do it

A few months back I saw Pinterest mentioned on a blog I read and because I am a total follower I rushed over to join. I was not really sure about it and was a bit of a slow starter. But once more of my friends joined and we are all linked together it. is. awesome. Basically it is a virtual pin board, so when you come across something on a website you want to remember to make/bake/wear/buy you just “pin it” to a board on your Pinterest page.

Once I started planning Zach’s third birthday I really got the hang of it. I decided to use the theme “Little Man” so I needed samples of little man parties and all sorts of mustache themed suggestions. And I was not disappointed! I spotted an invite and party favor tags from Sarah at Create Studio and wanted to use them immediately. She mentioned in her post that she would share them and graciously did so. Did I mention that I do not know Sarah? That upon reading that she would share them I emailed her and she sent them right over like the awesome stranger she is? Because both of those are true. World wide web – what did I do without you? (Do NOT answer “talked to my husband”… because that is also true)

Here is the invite I designed stole based on her favor tags:

I am totally geeked out on planning all the things to go with the theme but also enjoy that I am hindered by the Children’s Museum restriction on no hanging things on walls or ceilings. Let’s face it, I need some boundaries.