I can just close the doors

When we moved into this house 2+ years ago I was pregnant with Zach. This house has about 200 times the amount of storage as my loved bungalow in the Heights, one of the reasons we liked it. My plan when I saw the below cabinets was to use them to store toys one day. They are in the back den, where we live basically, and deep enough to hold even bigger toys. I promised to keep them free of junk and clutter to “save” them for the baby’s toys….
Well, though I didn’t forget my plan it was somewhat delayed and I finally got tired of the piles of toys spilling out of too small storage bins stacked next to the TV. I would just stare at them while watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey. They were taunting me. I couldn’t take it any longer.
So off came the doors which I primed and painted with first green paint (it was all I had for a base color) and then with chalkboard paint on the left and right cabinets and magnetic paint on the center one. The back of the shelves got a fresh coat of “Poolside” blue paint and I laid down cork contact paper. I love, love the functionality and Zach loves, loves to open and close the doors. Each day when he comes back it is like a whole new world, opening the cabinets to rediscover his toys.
Yes, all those items on the top were inside the cabinets. Well, not the drill.
But all the rest was stuff that needed to be thrown/given/moved away.
Seriously, gross.
Priming the doors
All done! So much brighter and more spacious!